Maison Christian Dior

  • An olfactory journey.


The atmosphere in this ultra-chic, uncluttered boutique with its white walls and cleverly diffused light is steeped in Parisian elegance, but don’t neglect the wall of flower field images that opens a window on Grasse. This new store is entirely dedicated to the love of perfume, to an olfactory lifestyle and the Dior art of gift-giving, with three watchwords: generosity, pleasure and sensoriality. The exclusive collection comes in 22 fragrances, each more bewitching than the last: Ambre Nuit and Cologne Royale, Thé Cachemire, Jasmin des Anges... and most recently Spice Blend. COTE prolongs the pleasure with a mitzah, one of their perfumable silk scarves, and for the home, their candles and luxurious soaps.

Cap3000, Niveau 1
Tél. 04 97 19 09 60