Le Tigre Monte-Carlo

  • Yoga & bien-être


The famed Parisian Le Tigre Yoga Club & Spa has come to the Monte-Carlo Beach, to the great joy of yoga and Ayurveda devotees. The concept developed by Elodie Garamond delivers an extensive programme of yoga, meditation and Pilates classes, indoors, beside the swimming pool, in the gardens or on the beach. Dynamic classes such as the “smartFLOW” and “Vinyasa” are complemented by gentler sessions suitable for beginners and children. In taking over the luxury hotel's 80m² spa, Le Tigre also offers full-on experiences of its signature treatments and massages, plus an organic juice bar serving its own mixes. Our favourite treatment is the “Massage du Tigre“, “a deep massage blending several protocols, effected using the hands and forearms. It works on the circulation of energy through the meridians. To prepare for it, you start with a short meditation session to relax the mind so you derive maximum benefit from the treatment,” Elodie explains.

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