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This leading light on Monaco’s restaurant scene upholds a long history while nonetheless reinventing itself, with chef and manager Antonio Salvatore delivering a festive, flavoursome gastronomic experience.

A few steps from Place du Casino, Rampoldi has been delighting gourmets for several decades now; in 2016 the restaurant was renovated throughout and added a private club. In charge we find chef Antonio Salvatore, who delivers a truly memorable experience for his regulars and visitors. His signature? “The Italian Touch!” he emphasises. Salvatore crafts a cuisine inspired by Italian culinary traditions in which Mediterranean ingredients take pride of place, but enlivened by international influences. “I like working with good olive oil, fresh tomatoes, good bread and seasonal produce. I’ve worked with various Michelin-starred chefs, in London, Marbella and even Russia, so I incorporate the techniques and flavours that I learnt in the course of my many years abroad. Monaco is very international, so we have to fulfil the expectations of a broad-ranging clientele, not overlooking the latest trends, such as vegan.” Rampoldi’s flavoursome food is obviously the restaurant’s main draw, but customers find no fault either with its atmosphere and decoration. “We wanted something chic, in tune with the times and reflecting the diligence I demand in the kitchens.” As a result, diners often linger long into the night. The restaurant’s die-hard fans can even shop the Rampoldi line of fresh products – pasta, caviar, saffron... – selected by the chef, on sale at the restaurant and soon to be exported abroad.

Monaco, 3 avenue des Spélugues
Tél. +377 93 30 70 65

Par Caroline Stefani