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COTEINVENT'2017, Spotlight on Riviera excellence


The second edition of the competition run by the UPE 06 business federation and COTE La Revue d’Azur again spotlights the Alpes-Maritimes's most innovative businesses.


Launched two years ago, COTE Invent' is already a fixture on the département's business schedule. Such success is hardly surprising. As the UPE 06 business federation's general manager, Julien Riera, points out: "Promoting local firms is an integral part of the UPE 06's mission to help business develop," while Claude Henri Menu, COTE La Revue d’Azur's founder, can only emphasise the involvement in local life of his magazine celebrating its 30th anniversary this year: "Five years ago we launched the Alpes-Maritimes's first contemporary archi­tecture competition in associa­tion with the SACA architects' federation. Through COTE Invent’ we are grow­ing that dynamic of promoting our local firms' inventiveness and capacity for initiative, which are invaluable in helping boost the Côte d’Azur's global image and reputation. And of course it's another means for us to pursue our vocation since inception of promoting Riviera excel­lence." COTE Invent' isn't in­tend­ed for big firms alone, it's open to all the innovators building tomorrow's world and able to make a creative contribution to it. This year over 30 entries were received, each pre­senting an invention deve­loped in the Alpes-Maritimes and finalised between 31 December 2015 and 31 December 2016. Candidates could enter a single invention in each category but as many categories as they wished, eligible projects being, for example, a finished product, a smartphone or tablet app, a concept, a managerial solution, an infrastructure system, an organisational process or such­like. Entries may have already been presented to the press but not have won any awards. This year's COTE Invent' comprised five cate­gories: Green Tech, ICT (infor­ma­tion and communication techno­logy), Technical Innovation, Development/Coaching/Marketing Strategy, and Trade & Service, with a Special Prize also awarded. Entrants will benefit from the publicity campaign organised by the UPE 06 and COTE La Revue d’Azur and from media coverage of the competition. The trophies, six original artworks created by Max Cartier, will be presented at a gala night on 9 March at the Negresco Hotel in Nice.


Le Jury
Professeur distingué, directeur de la « Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative » de SKEMA Business School

2 •Karine ANANIE
Avocate chez Talliance Avocats

3• Alexandre BENOIST
Rédacteur en chef des Éditions COTE

4• Olivier BRET
Président du Réseau Entreprendre Côte d’Azur

5• Karine BRUT
Présidente de Tell Us

6• André LABAT
Secrétaire général de Kinaxia

7• Cédric MESSING

CEO My Coach

8• Julien RIERA
Directeur général UPE 06

9• Emmanuel SOURAUD
Directeur Associé de Wacan

10• Marie-Christine VIDAL
Directrice Développement P.FACTORY