ArchiCOTE 2017





project Prize

  • Villa at Afa (Corsica)


Built in the upper part of its plot for the best view, this single-storey house takes the form of a simple rectangle. Its four corners house the "personal spaces", with the living areas in between them and open to the four points of the compass: entrance to the west, window to the east, kitchen to the north, living room with terrace to the south. The personal spaces correspond to the specification for three bedrooms and a studio but in a novel way, since instead of creating three bedrooms, two for occasional use only, the architect has designed two rooms for the inhabitants' specific use – meditation room and office/library – but able to become spare bedrooms if needed. Each corner of the building also has its own micro-garden, connecting with the main one and increasing in size as you move anticlockwise from studio to meditation room.