ArchiCOTE 2016


 81 logements archicote octobre 2016

81 homes

  • Prix Logement Collectif


This is a single apartment block accessed from Avenue de la Californie and Avenue du Petit Fabron (Nice). Its seven residential floors are simple and rational, with the majority of the 81 flats having dual exposure. On the three main façades the concrete floors protrude. All the south-facing picture windows are protected from the sun by the balconies above and by external panels of metal mesh in varying shades of bronze, intended to act as an additional filter between home and outside. On the north-west façade overlooking Voie Mathis (the urban freeway), a ‘second skin’ of pale-coloured metallic mesh has been installed 1m from the façade so as to distance the building from the freeway and mitigate the sight and sound problems generated by the passage of several thousand vehicles a day. This façade can in fact be considered the building's frontage since the ‘skin’ constitutes its defining feature.


Localisation : Nice Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Côte d’Azur Habitat Architectes : Erades Bouzat Architectes Cotraitants : BET Grontmij Surface SHON : 6 109 m² Montant des travaux : 9 600 000 € HT Livraison : 2018