ArchiCOTE 2016


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ArchiCOTE 2016

  • L'avis du jury sur les lauréats


On 13 October the contemporary architecture competition organised by the SACA* and COTE Magazine singled out the most remarkable Riviera builds. The jury explains its choices.


Villa Prize
Casa Alcova
“This build's insertion and integration into the site topography warrants praise, as does the interleaving of indoor and outdoor spaces. Although it's a shame the guard rails are so prominent, the work on volume in the entire open part of the cube, which interacts with all the terraces leading from it, is extremely interesting. Considerable thought has been given to proportions and orientation in the landscape. You sense the design results from in-depth research taking context and environment into consideration.”


Multi-occupancy housing prize
81 homes.

“This stands out from the other projects submitted in this category as well as from what we habitually see, so it deserved a prize just for that. The site is complicated as alongside the urban freeway, forcing the architect to think in a very specific way. Although we're aware of the considerable limitations on the distribution of the apartments, we see a meaningful approach to the space issue in the street-side connection between interior and exterior, achieved by employing a folding screen system.”


Restructuring prize
Extension Nice Sperling
House extension. “A build totally in synch with ArchiCOTE's declared purpose of promoting projects that prove architects have a tangible role to play, demonstrated here in a situation where building an extension was by no means evident but the architect rose to the challenge with such skill as to transform the entire property. Additionally it is clear that only an architect could have carried this off, their work is the focal point of the project.”


Less is More Prize
Pied-à-terre et cabinet de consultation
Pied-à-terre and consulting room. “Here the architect worked on a small-scale project, for which they are rare consulted, and the resulting added-value is very evident. It's a pity this happens so infrequently in France, in other countries people use architects for very small projects down to garage doors. More of this type of commission would help young architects get a foothold in the profession more easily.”


Project prize with planning permission
Villa A
“This is noteworthy in the way it relates interior and exterior and eliminates from the façades all signs of domesticity usual in private houses, such as windows and doors. The design also triggered heated discussion, confrontation even, between the architect, the architectural consultant, the Bâtiment de France architect and local politicians on the subject of incorporating contemporary architecture into this site. It's true that the villa contrasts hugely with the classic, not to say banal, architecture of the houses around it, which the politicians considered to be the local style.”