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  • Sleeping Beauties


A book by Yasunari Kawabata inspired the delightful title of the exhibition on at the Bonnard Museum until 2 November, chosen by Véronique Serrano at a time when her recollection of an essay on the Matisse masterpiece The Dream was still strong in her memory. “From the late 19th century through to the Modernists, we see that the notion of dreaming and sleeping was particularly significant to artists, who, whether interested or not in the newly developing theories of psychoanalysis, depicted it in their individual ways in paintings, sculptures, photographs, literature or poetry.” The many variations on the languorous model offered us here by Bonnard, Vuillard (”painter of mauve summers and dreamy beauties”), Vallotton, Brancusi and Van Dongen all seem to promise thrills and emotions.

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