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Philippe Croq, Not Donald

Le Temps d’une pause, Nice

  • Never got out the boat


It’s anchors aweigh for Philippe Croq’s exhibition in Anthony Penaud’s hair-salon apartment! This artist makes us tack between figurative and abstract, the force of colour becoming contour, the finesse of line accentuating emptiness. «Moving forwards between hazardous lines, guided by shreds of desire, remnants of dull anger, nuances of colour, in the expectation of snatches of diffuse memories, to resuscitate, to revive….» This is about being and nothingness, about that inevitable end that gives life such vibrancy, about never getting out of the boat.

Jusqu’au 31 mai sur rendez-vous
8 rue Paul Déroulède, Nice
Tel. 07 84 09 30 98