JLVERNA photo Marian Adreani

Jean-Luc Verna

  • Image en mouvement


With kilt, jewellery, rangers, kohl round his eyes and a big art portfolio under his arm, Jean-Luc Verna already stood out from his less sartorially adventurous schoolmates at high school in Nice in the eighties. Thirty-five years later, in the lobby of the Mac Val contemporary art museum where he is having his first one-man show, he's just as impressive: a muscular, liberally tattooed body with piercings and metal dentures. He himself has not changed, though his drawings, no longer stashed in a portfolio, can be found in collections and museums around the world. Here at the Mac Val they are lined up all around the walls of a room transformed into
a kind of Vernaland with dim lighting and spangled black paint. “I wanted to be a dancer,” he says, “but they told me I'd never make it with the body I have. So when I was 7 or 8 I turned to drawing. It was like a supportive game that cut me off from the surrounding world.” Drawing, body and play became the foundations of his life and career, which form a single entity. “I treat my body as a drawing. I've always thought of myself as an image in movement.” This thoroughly enjoyable exhibition shows us “all the forms of his art, in black and white and also in music”. With it, Jean-Luc “wanted to perform an act of deposition”, as if to mark his desire to start something new after the first quarter-century of his career. We're with him all the way!


« Vous n’êtes pas un peu beaucoup maquillé ? – Non. », jusqu’au 26 février 2017, place de la Libération, 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine. Ligne 7 arrêt terminus, puis bus 172 ou 180.