Gyoza Bar
A chic snack bar with slate walls and a long counter, wholly devoted to those luscious Japanese gyoza ravioli. They serve portions of 8 or 12, paired with a flavoursome soy-lemon-grapefruit sauce.
56 passage des Panoramas - Tél. 01 44 82 00 62


A wonderful jumble of knick-knacks and ethnic stuff ranging from small furniture items to film posters, door knobs and kitchen utensils, mostly from India and all hunted down by people with a sharp eye for the genuine article.
7 passage du Grand-Cerf - Tél. 01 42 21 41 03


Bar à Sieste
Settle comfortably in a massage armchair for a 15- to 45-minute siesta! The Bar à Sieste opened two years ago, first of its kind in the world. Downstairs in the basement you can have your feet nibbled by tiny fish to make them as soft as a baby's.
29 passage Choiseul - Tél. 01 71 60 81 55


Jean Paul Gaultier
Gaultier opened his first boutique in 1986 and Philippe Starck gave it a makeover in 2002. Some of the windows, with elegant wood frames, look onto Galerie Vivienne.
6 rue Vivienne - Tél. 01 42 86 05 05


Le Social Club
Dance the night away or settle into comfy armchairs and hobnob over drinks. This Parisian institution, in what used to be a print shop, mostly attracts a young crowd and mostly offers electro, with some of the hippest acts of the moment and others from the young underground scene.
142 rue Montmartre – Tél. 01 40 28 05 55


Mori Venice Bar
THE best Italian eatery in Paris is right opposite the Palais Brongniart. Here Massimo Mori cooks up all-Venetian recipes in a very haute couture setting designed by Philippe Starck. Open 7/7, lunchtime and evening. 27 rue Vivienne Tél. 01 44 55 51 55


A Taiwanese mini-restaurant named after its speciality, henceforth the coolest drink in Paris: this milky tea with black tapioca pearls, drunk through a straw, gives an irresistible sensation on the palate. ZenZoo also serves a few succulent dishes on wooden platters. Such is its success that they've opened a takeaway tea bar a few doors away.
13 rue Chabanais – Tél. 01 42 96 27 28


Lovers of luxury fast food know where to go in Paris! Here hamburgers, hot dogs, falafel and kebabs head the list of finger-licking must-tries. Grillé has turned the Anatolian sandwich into a gastronomic treat, with organic wheat and spelt flatbread, meat from star butcher Hugo Desnoyer and delicious mixed salads (closed weekends).
15 rue Saint-Augustin – Tél. 01 42 96 10 64


For a quick sandwich near the Bourse you'll find L de Liza, offering a foretaste of the Lebanese fare at the Liza restaurant next door. Where they serve only the best and the freshest, brought to you on a copper tray. We love the decor, styled after a contemporary Beirut home. 14 rue de la Banque – Tél. 01 55 35 00 66


A great place for wine and food in an informal atmosphere, with regional cuisine revisited by a chef who cares about his ingredients and has kept the vintage mood of the arcade outside. The name isn't actually posted up; Racines has simply snuck into a place that used to sell wine. (Closed weekends).
8 passage des Panoramas - Tél. 01 40 13 06 41



Quality hotels
Must-stay hotels in the area include the Park Hyatt Vendôme and Hôtel Westminster in Rue de la Paix, and the Hôtel Ascot Opéra, the Hôtel de Noailles and the Édouard VII.