Paris 2 as seen by David Mallett


When he's not working on a photo shoot with Natalie Portman or Nicole Kidman, the Australian hair stylist is advising customers in the hair salon he opened in 2003. It's in a magnificent 17th-century mansion near the Bourse: 400m2 bathed in natural light, decorated by David himself with vintage furniture and stuffed animals. The 2nd arrondissement may not be top choice for most star hair stylists, but David loves it: "It's luxurious and chic but incredibly relaxed at the same time. It's very central – a stone's throw from Place des Victoires and Galerie Vivienne. I'm passionate about Paris's many hidden secrets, like these famous galleries and passages filled with places and shops you didn't even know existed. They give you get a sense of being protected. I like that."


David Mallett's favourites


My Friend Nicolas Cloutier's perfumery is wonderful: high-end selective perfume houses, personalized fragrance tests and amazing reception.
3 rue Bachaumont
Tél. 01 40 26 46 03

Chez Georges

This authentic old-money style Parisian brasserie is my favourite, along with the Mori Venice Bar, the best Italian place in Paris and right near my salon!
1 rue du Mail
Tél. 01 42 60 07 11

Café Au Vide Gousset

I love to sip a cool beer here, to go with a Saint-Honoré (the best in Paris!) from the Les Moulins patisserie down the road.
10 rue des Petits Pères
Tél. 01 42 60 02 78